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Southern Asphalt Engineering Inc. is a Dade and Broward County Licensed and Insured Engineering contractor. We specialize in complete parking lot and roadway restoration and maintenance. With over 17 years’ experience, you can rest assured that we are experts in our field.


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1430 NW 108th Ave, Suite 200 Miami, Florida 33172

XTech Staffing

XTech Staffing is one of the best in staffing companies. Our company is a complete service temp and staffing agency with more than 7 years of efficiently connecting companies to the best of the best. With our no-nonsense, yet unique services, we assist our customers in reaching all their staffing goals. This removes all the headache from the hiring and job seeking processes. Our specially tailored Flex labor programs delivers to your organization a consistent workforce that will supplement short to long term staffing and temping needs. We have a reputation for excellence in service, which therefore allows us to attain and hold a high standard of staffing forces. Our services always surpass our clients’ expectations and the talent provided accomplishes in the business environments they are placed in.


XTech is one of the best Dallas Staffing Agencies and we are known and respected for making companies’ dream teams without hassles. We will on-board the talent and our experienced Recruiting Managers supplies to businesses their very own custom-tailored staffing solution to produce only the absolute greatest in flexible labor programs. Whether you’re looking to hire just a permanent placement or temp hiring, XTech Flex Programs will always produce results much quicker than advertising through other channels. At our staffing and temp agency in Dallas, Texas, we have three programs that will be uniquely tailored to your precise business’s staffing needs.


XTech Staffing is one of the greatest Houston Staffing Agencies! We create companies’ dream teams with without any hassles. We on-board the talented and experienced candidates and our team of recruiters provide organizations with exclusively tailored solutions that produce the very best in flexible labor programs. Whether your organization is hiring a permanent placement or simply direct hiring, XTech will yield results way quicker than advertising through the other channels. At our Houston Temp and Staffing Agency, we offer companies big and small 3 staffing solutions programs that we are tailored to fit your company’s staffing needs and wants.


XTech Staffing is known for providing only the best in National employment to qualified and talented job seekers. We are one of the top national staffing agencies and our enthusiasm and dedication is what we are renowned for and how we have stayed in business for over seven years. We on-board quality talent and provide to businesses their very own custom-tailored staffing solution that will best fit their needs. Whether your business is hiring an immediate, permanent placement, or just direct hiring, our national employment agency will yield you results much, much quicker than just advertising through the traditional channels. We provide nationwide staffing and national job services through our Flex programs that are tailored to fit your company’s unique staffing needs. Our recruiters will provide to your company the greatest in flexible labor programs.


XTech Staffing is one of the best Temp Agencies San Antonio, TX with seven-plus years of successful experience connecting businesses to the premium talent they are looking for and want. We construct companies’ dream teams with zero hassles. Our dedicated Team of Recruiters provides to businesses their own uniquely tailored staffing solution. It doesn’t matter if your company is hiring a permanent placement or even temp staffing, at our #1 staffing agency in San Antonio, we offer three programs that we’ll customize and tailor just for your staffing need. XTech will always yield you results much quicker than advertising the job position through any other channel.


XTech Staffing has opportunities to Jobs Overseas. We are one of the top international staffing agencies and that is due to our passionate and devoted team of recruiters who help both employers and job seekers in finding exactly what they are looking for We have experience staffing international jobs in countries like the United States, Ireland, Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Russia, and India. Our Team of Recruiters will give to you and your organization the greatest in flexible labor programs. We on-board talent and deliver companies with a uniquely tailored staffing solution that will most appropriately fit all their needs. For individuals attracted to international careers, our Recruiters are here to cut through that red tape and are assisting you in every step of the way.


XTech Staffing is one of the finest recruitment agencies in Ireland. We provide opportunities and recruit Ireland to gifted and experienced candidates. Our offices in Kildare, Ireland helps local, national, and international businesses to build their dream team without hassles. We are a complete-service Irish employment agency with over seven years of success in joining companies to first-class talent. At XTech Staffing, we are here to assist businesses in building the dream team and placing qualified candidates into jobs in Ireland and allover the world. We on-board talented candidates from every industry and deliver custom solutions to suit all of your companies’ needs.


XTech Staffing has the best Headhunters Austin, TX. We are a complete-service employment and temp agency with seven years of successfully uniting companies with the best talent in the industry. Our streamlined and unique services, along with the no-nonsense way in which we help our customers reach their goals, takes the headache out of hiring and job seeking processes. Our services beat expectations and the talent delivered succeeds in the work environments they’re placed into.

With our custom tailored Flex-Labor programs your organization gets flexibility and a dependable workforce that can fill short to long-term staffing needs. Our reputation for excellent service to our clients allows us to attract and retain a high caliber of staffing people.