Joanie Spina

  Roxie Video Productions caters to the client looking for a high caliber, artistically crafted video. Owner of Roxie Video, Joanie Spina, is the award-winning director of the popular documentary “Born To Die.” The film is being show at many film festivals including CineVegas, The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival and The Dam Short Film Festival in Boulder, Nevada. Because of her background as a performer and stage director, Spina has a unique perspective on constructing a powerful and effective video.



For eleven years, she served as choreographer and co-director to David Copperfield.  Together they created an impressive repertoire of intriguing routines appreciated by millions world-wide. She choreographed ten of David’s annual CBS specials as well as his Broadway show, Dreams and Nightmares. 



She teamed up with Mark Kalin & Jinger Leigh and Jeff Hobson to create their award-winning show,”The Carnival of Wonders” at the Flamingo Hilton in Reno. Joanie has starred in and directed shows the world over.

Roxie Video and Entertainment offer a variety of services. Joanie splits her time between consulting, teaching, and running her video business. She is available as a stage and/or video director. While she’s staging your act, she can also shoot and edit an original, eye-catching promotional tape. All these services wrapped up into one package! Please call or e -mail for more information.