Puppy Care Tips


   Puppies attempt to jump at something and everything throughout their initial year of life. It’s value knowing that this behavior can stay constant once the puppy grows into an adult dog. If you wish your dog to stay on jumping on guests, then it’s fine to let the puppy jump at you on each occasion. A better way is to reward the puppy for desired behavior. Once the puppy is jumping at you, neglect this behavior. Have the puppy sit on the ground and supply a treat. Over a period of your time your puppy can realize the advantage of sitting ahead of you and thus can forget the tendency of jumping at folks. This can be to your nice advantage once the puppy grows and becomes a sort of great dog.

Punishment to the puppy shouldn’t be treated as punishment, however correction in behavior. It’s vital to correct puppy’s behavior at the time of any offense committed by the puppy. never correct him after a time gap. For example, if you do not wish your puppy to begin barking the instant bell rings, correct him right away. If you try to correct him once the guests are gone, he could get confused. Once this unwanted behavior is corrected, always remember to reward the puppy for the proper behavior.
Get an honest range of toys for your puppy to chew. Never permit him to bite or chew your hand. If the puppy bites your hand, make an enormous noise to let the puppy perceive his mistake. Do not attempt to penalize the puppy for this behavior. Walk away from the place and do not let him close to you for some time. Puppies can perceive this clearly.

Leaving Puppy Alone

Try to not leave the puppies unattended in an area. Puppies as a result of their natural tendency to chew, can reduce to rubble with valuable articles within the area. If you scold him for this, he might not perceive the explanations of your behavior.