5 tips to control the pet hair in your home

From their loyal ways to their silly antics, pets bring a lot of joy to homes. You wouldn’t trade any of the cuddles and welcome-home slobbers for anything! However, one factor most pet house owners don’t think is quite as cuddlesome is all the pet hair!

When you have a hairy friend, it’s inevitable that there’ll be pet hair everywhere. Hiding below tables, in corners and clinging to garments and furnishings. Cleaning up  will be laborious work—but the great news is that there are some ways that to avoid it. With many straightforward steps, you’ll be able to keep your home clean and free from pet hair.

1) Embrace your inner groomer. The simplest trick to handle pet hair in your house is to prevent it even before it starts. Frequent grooming your pet can manage pet hair and shedding. Get into the habit of brushing your pet on a daily basis.  If your pet wants additional care, take them to a groomer  a few times a month.

2) Use a vacuum designed to choose up pet hair. Get your hands on a vacuum engineered for the task, just like the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser® Lift-Off® Upright Pet Vacuum. It encompasses a tangle-free brush roll, thus you don’t have to be worry about hair wrapping around it. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to empty the canister while not touching the hair within.

3) Strategically place throw rugs round the house. Carpet and rugs are a magnet for pet hair—so use them to your advantage! Place throw rugs in areas your cat or dog frequents and that they will collect the lion’s share of the shedding before the hair infiltrates each nook and cranny. Then you’ll be able to simply vacuum those rugs!

4) Provide your pet a delegated hang-out spot. Supply them an additional cozy spot on the ground with giant throw pillows or a pet bed so that they have their own house.

5)  A drip-dry cloth covering will work wonders to safeguard furniture from hair and messes. In between washings, vacuums can keep your couch hair free.

After trying out these tricks, the sole proof that there is a pet in your home is going to be from the cuddlesome, hairy mess they offer you once you enter the door!