3 tips on traveling with a pet during the holidays 


The holidays mean various things to totally different individuals. Each family looks to its own set of traditions, however one issue looks to be common among Americans , and that’s traveling.

Like Santa Claus creating that long journey from the pole, it’s estimated that over ninety million Americans (36 percent) can travel this season. In a recent survey conducted by Extended stay America hotels and Kelton world. Here are some tips to help the traveling go smoother.

1. Prepare your pet

Like finding the proper gift for your admired ones, the sooner you begin to arrange and prepare, the simpler it’ll be. A good vacation begins with a visit to the doctor to make certain your animal has all the medications they may want (and maybe some extras) and is up-to-date on vaccines.

To get your four-legged friends prepared for the journey, bring your pet to unknown places sort of a native park and have them act with new faces. After you try this, make certain to bring lots of treats to praise your pet and reinforce that these new experiences with a positive and fun attitude.

2. Apply smart petiquette

We know, generally it’s exhausting to believe that your lovely, hairy friend may misbehave. Once traveling to unknown places, a calm, happy animal makes everybody else calm and happy, too. Here are some tips to guarantee your pets remain the good list this holiday:

* Teach your cat or dog to rest sedately during a crate before you allow, so that they have a well-recognized spot once traveling.

* If driving, take frequent breaks to walk your dog or check on your cat.

* Bring on a chew toy that’s stuffed with a  little bit of food, as this is a good distraction for anxious or bored animal.

* Outside, keep your pet on a leash and walk them faraway from public areas like flowerbeds.

*Never leave your pet alone, unless you’re certain they’re going to not disturb neighbors.